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Hi beautiful artlover:


Welcome to Anna Gledhill Art Studio. I am an abstract artist. Painting is my passion and release. I might be crying, laughing or dancing while pouring, splashing or dripping. Painting feeds my soul and supplies me with energy. Painting is purely an intuitive way of expressing myself, my imagination and my deepest feelings. My work frees the brain and allows the mind to see what it wants. There are no wrong answers.


Roses are my inspiration for this painting. What do you see from this painting? Storm? Different people see different things in the painting. This painting is sold. Only prints are avalable. Please send me an email to order the print. Thank you .

 Hope this painting goes into your heart and speaks for you. Understand you and Bring joy to you. This painting is looking for a new home. I hope that is you❤️

Free shipping in the US. If you want to see more pictures and information, please email me,

I used acrylic paints and pastels. I covered the painting with a UV-protective varnish to prevent it from fading, and to add rich shine. I used a brush and palette knife to complete this piece.

The canvas is premier/professional gallery quality, and the back is back stapled so that it can be re-stretched by a professional in the future if ever needed. Also the canvas is ready to hang on the wall.

If you want to buy my painting prints and other products like home decorations ,wall art ,cell phone cases, T-shirts and others items. Please search Anna Gledhill On fineartamerica website. Hope you find what you like.

Also I accept commissions of abstract paintings and modern art in oil and acrylic. Please DM me on instagram. INSTAGRAM: annagledhillart

My Tiktok link: or search: Anna Gledhill1986

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Any questions? Contact me on INSTAGRAM: AnnaGledhillart or email me:

Anna Gledhill


Rancho Cucamonga



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